Welcome to the web site of the Central New York Bleeding Disorders Association (CNYBDA), a charity for people with all types of bleeding disorders.

CNYBDA is a nonprofit (501c3) health advocacy charity founded by a local person with a bleeding disorder.  We are headquartered in the Syracuse, New York area and serve the Syracuse-Oswego-Auburn-Utica-Watertown area.


  • To promote education and awareness of bleeding disorders
  • To facilitate support of individuals with bleeding disorders and their families
  • To promote early diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and proper self-care
  • To promote research for the treatment and cure of bleeding disorders

Why do we need this group?

It is estimated that there are millions people in the United States with undiagnosed bleeding disorders.  Even mild bleeding disorders can cause serious consequences—even death—if not properly treated.  Education and outreach to these individuals will facilitate proper diagnosis and treatment.

Advocacy efforts–recently and in decades past–have:

  • saved lives
  • prevented avoidable and disabling complications from   bleeding disorders
  • drastically decreased bloodborne infections
  • prevented unnecessary and risky medical procedures
  • provided essential health insurance coverage

When people with rare medical problems remain silent, their needs will be overlooked.

People with bleeding disorders recently educated elected officials about their needs, and legislation was proposed and/or passed.  We can do this in New York State!


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